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    Bike Loud is an entirely volunteer-run organization. To learn how to get involved, come to our General Meetings (3rd Wednesday of every month) and view the calendar for more information.


    Want to help us promote cycling and active transportation? Check out our advocacy campaigns.

    Hit the Pavement

    - Be courteous to other road users, especially pedestrians. Be kind and understanding to new cyclists.
    - Know your rights as a cyclist and practice safer cycling techniques, for example taking the lane instead of riding in the door zone on roads without bike facilities. On Neighborhood Greenways, the sharrows indicate the recommended riding position.
    - When shopping/visiting businesses, bring bike accessories in with you, or subtly mention that you cycled to the shop. Compliment business employees on their bike parking (if they have it) or request additional/better bike parking (if they don't).
    - Report dangerous/broken/deficient bicycle infrastructure to 823-SAFE (email: / phone: (503) 823-SAFE).
    - Report vehicle parking violations to the Parking Enforcement Hotline or PDX Reporter and Bike Lane Uprising.