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About Us

Bike Loud PDX is a Portland-focused cycling and traffic safety advocacy group. Our goal is to empower and support active transportation and create safer streets via grassroots advocacy campaigns. We make Portland better through bikes!

Contact Us

Email us at bikeloudpdx [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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Our leadership team

Co-Chairs: Catie Gould and RJ Sheperd
Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Emily Guise
Website Coordinators: Lise Ferguson and Mark Linehan
Neighborhood Teams Coordinator: John Carter
SW Neighborhood Team Lead: Eric Wilhelm
NW Neighborhood Team Lead: Reza Farhoodi
Outreach and Inclusion Coordinator: Daniel Amoni

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Code of Conduct

BikeLoudPDX is a grassroots bicycling advocacy group that does not discriminate on any basis, including race, economic class, religion, nationality, body size or physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or ability. BikeLoudPDX does not tolerate or allow harassment or abuse, of anyone by other members or participants. Any member or participant engaging in abusive or harassing behavior may be sanctioned or expelled from the group. Members should be respectful and courteous towards each other, whether online or in person. Communications between members should be constructive and avoid all demeaning and insulting behavior or language. In particular, members should avoid interrupting others or dominating conversations. Members should immediately challenge any harassment or abuse of other members or event participants.

All members and event participants are informed of this code and agree to follow it while engaging with BikeLoudPDX online or during meetings and events.